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Leadbit - conversion tracking and offer setup
Leadbit - conversion tracking and offer setup
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Leadbit does not use a typical affiliate tracking platform Cake or HasOffers thus has a unique setup requirement.

Step 1: Create a traffic source

First, go to the sources section. Create a traffic source as you will need this when getting your offer links.

Step 2: Create a tracking URL

Then, go to the offers section. Find an offer and click "create tracking URL".

This will take you to a flow configuration for that offer.

Step 3: Configure basic flow settings

In the flow settings we will configure what a user ends up seeing when loading your Leadbit link. It's important to pay attention here since there is a big difference between Leadbit rotating offers for you and you doing it yourself in FunnelFlux.

There will be three sections related to landers here:

  • Landing (landers the user will be rotated between)

  • Pre-lander (landers that will come before the other landers)

  • Mobile landing (landers users will be redirected to if on a mobile device)

If you select a mobile lander in the first Landing section then everyone will rotate to that including desktop users. But if you tick the "Redirect mobile traffic to mobile Landing" box and lander(s) there, it will create a separate rotation for mobile users.

So, if you want to send mobile traffic only to the mobile lander, be sure to tick that box and select mobile landers, then untick any mobile landers in the original Landing section. Note modifying it will untick everythin in the mobile section, so configure these sections in order, like so:

IMPORTANT: If you want to have mobile and desktop offers appear as separate nodes in FunnelFlux, there's two things you can do:

  1. Make a flow above for desktop traffic only, and a separate one for mobile that only rotate the desktop and mobile landers, respectively. Add these as separate offers in FunnelFlux and redirect in your funnel using a condition.

  2. Add the offer node twice in FunnelFlux and have mobile go to one, desktop to another. Use a single flow/offer from Leadbit that internally redirects mobile users to the mobile pages. Leadbit will redirect visitors on the back-end and in FunnelFlux you'd still see the nodes separately (easiest way!)

This is for the funnel - in the stats, if breaking down by device type, you'd be able to see the same data regardless of whether you are splitting things in the funnel or not.

The discretion here is "do you want to make the mobile redirection decision, or let Leadbit make that decision".

Step 4: Configuring postback tracking

Leadbit lets you set postback tracking URLs for lead states, which is very helpful and lets you create nice dynamic tracking.

There are three postbacks:

  • Lead pending

  • Lead confirmed

  • Lead declined

There are a few ways you could handle this but personally I would want the following:

  • Lead pending (send conversion but with 0 revenue value, txid = conversion ID)

  • Lead confirmed (send conversion with X revenue and conversion ID in txid)

  • Lead declined (send the same as pending but with -1 as revenue, which will remove the pending conversion that had 0 revenue).

This will let you see normal conversions but also see pending leads with zero revenue, then automatically remove them if the lead is declined.

The Conversion TxID grouping in FunnelFlux will then let you see the specific lead IDs from Leadbit as well.

You can see their tokens by clicking "how it works". In my example I am using {sub5} for the flux_hid, so as we will see shortly, I must be passing the FunnelFlux hit ID to Leadbit under their sub5 parameter.

Here are my example URLs in text format:{id}&flux_hid={sub5}{cost}&flux_txid=lead-{id}&flux_hid={sub5}{id}&flux_hid={sub5}

Step 5: Monetizing remnant traffic

See the "traffic back URL" part by the postback URLs that I left empty?

That's a bounce URL for visitors that Leadbit can't monetise on the specific offer you are setting up the flow for.

If you want, you can enable "combacker" as well as sound/image options. Then, put a URL in the traffic back URL for sending non-monetizable traffic to. Ideally, use a FunnelFlux link and have a standalone node in your funnel for some lander/offer you are comfortable sending these users to.

Then, right click that node > send traffic here, and use that link. You could alternatively link an action from the affiliate offer node to this page and use the action link with organic params, though you don't really need to see the CTR of this clickthrough, it would generate offer clicks in your stats, and is not likely the ideal result you want.

Step 6: Pixel setup

Leadbit conveniently lets you place Facebook and Google Analytics tracking on their landers/conversion pages by simply specifying pixel IDs.

This is very convenient and I highly suggest doing this.

So, for Facebook conversion tracking, just grab your pixel ID from FB and paste it in the pixel ID box in Leadbit. Done!

Step 7: Setting up your offer link

Once you save your flow you will be taken to your offers page:

Click on the link icon and it will open this popup:

Here they show you are able to pass data under sub1 through sub5 and they have default placeholders of the same name, e.g.

Copy that link and make an offer in FunnelFlux.

You can pass whatever you like under sub1, sub2 and so on, just be sure to pass hit ID under sub5 as that is what is passed back in the postback.

So an example URL for your offer in FunnelFlux could be:{funnel-id}&sub2={trafficsource-id}&sub3={trackingfield-pubid}&sub5={hit-id}

It's up to you to pass whatever you feel necessary.

Step 8: Test your tracking

Always test your tracking. Load your Leadbit URL yourself in an incognito browser, and test your funnel fully as well.

If you have "comebacker" enabled and you are outside the countries the offer accepts, you should see that you get redirected to your "traffic back URL" -- if this happens you know this is working.

You should turn "comebacker" off if you want to test and see the real offer.

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