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Clickbank - conversion tracking as an affiliate
Clickbank - conversion tracking as an affiliate
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If you are sending traffic to Clickbank offers, chances are you'll want conversion tracking set up.

Unfortunately it's a little bit more complex than with most affiliate networks (unless you own the offer of course).

Thankfully, FunnelFlux has a tracking endpoint for the Clickbank instant notifications, that lets their system send conversion information back to FunnelFlux.

STEP 1 - Send FunnelFlux's Hit ID in your Clickbank links

Firstly, you need to ensure that Clickbank receives unique tracking IDs that it can later pass back to FunnelFlux.

Do this by passing the Hit ID, using the {hit-id}  token, in your marketplace links e.g.{hit-id}

In the offer source configuration of FunnelFlux there is a Clickbank template -- if you use this you will see that it automatically adds tid as the parameter that it is expecting to pass {hit-id} under.

STEP 2 - Find your FunnelFlux Clickbank Instant Notification Info

Head over to your system links section and scroll to the bottom, you'll see a section like this:

You'll need both the secret key and notification URL for the next step.

Step 3 - Configure the instant notifications in Clickbank

Head over to Clickbank then go to your Settings page, followed by the My Site section. Scroll down and you'll see an Advanced Tools box like this:

Click edit in the top right.

On this page you can now enter the secret key and URL from FunnelFlux, then click verify. It should say verified (if not, check the URL is correct).

Once that is done, click save changes and you're done!

Now when conversion occur on Clickbank, the system will send instant notifications to your FunnelFlux tracker.

It will do this for all conversions though only ones with a legitimate Hit ID passed under the tid parameter will register actual conversions, the rest will be ignored.

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