Installing FunnelFlux

Getting up and running with a new FunnelFlux installation

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FunnelFlux is a self-hosted tracker and will require installation on your own server.

This requires deploying a server, accessing via SSH console and so on -- easy if you know how, but painful if you don't.

So, we recommend reaching out to our support team as they can deploy a server for you extremely quickly -- just click the support chat icon in the corner of this page:

...or email us at [email protected]

General Notes

To deploy you will need a server -- we recommend starting with a server from:

Any of these is fine, Vultr is our recommendation. Use our referral link above and you'll get $100 in testing credits πŸŽ‰

You'll also get $100 testing credit with our DigitalOcean link.

You will need the ~$20/mo servers. You can either deploy this yourself or ask us to do so (for that we just need access credentials for your server account).

The server should generally:

  • Have a minimum of 2 vCPU and 2 GB of RAM, but 4 GB is recommended!

  • We recommend CentOS v7 x64

  • See our minimum requirements here

  • Location-wise, we would recommend deploying it in Western EU (e.g. Germany) by default. If the majority of your traffic comes from the US or Asia, you can consider deploying there instead. Do not choose a location based on where you reside.

Regardless of what provider you use, you will also need to configure your domain/DNS, we suggest reading this article.

Installing Yourself

Want to install things yourself?

Here is our article on using our installer scripts for a server in Vultr, and here you can read a similar tutorial for DigitalOcean

Managed FunnelFlux

This is our managed system offering.

It is slightly more expensive than self-hosted FunnelFlux, starting at $139/mo, though for many the slight surcharge is worth it.

With this product, we set up and manage all the infrastructure - hands free for you, and a higher performance product on the back-end due to our in-depth knowledge of how to make the product function as efficiently as possible.

It's not just a single server, but rather a server for redirects, another for the database, and DNS management in Cloudflare where, at scale, we can add load balancing if you need it.

Definitely a good option if you don't want to deal with servers and just want a high performance product, that is also cheap vs competitor options.

Note that, for the price vs volume the tracker can handle, you will find it very hard to beat the pricing of Managed FunnelFlux.

A Note on Managed Hosting

You may have a managed hosting provider such as Beyond Hosting, StormOnDemand, LiquidWeb, WiredTree, etc.Β 

If using these providers you likely have cPanel, where you can configure new domains, databases and so on.

In this case you can just create the FunnelFlux databases and upload the installation files by FTP.

However, we cannot guarantee that the server environment will have all the required dependencies, packages etc. to run FunnelFlux.

Thus, it is best if you ask your managed provider to assist - many of them will be familiar with FunnelFlux, and you can point them to our minimum requirement documents for further information.


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