Minimum Installation Requirements
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Hardware Requirements

In order to run FunnelFlux you will need your own server and it is important to note the minimum hardware requirements for this.

Most dedicated servers will be more than adequate.ย 

It is most common to install our tracker on a virtual private server (VPS).ย 

Our current recommendations for VPS's are:

  • At least 2 virtual cores (i.e. 2 vCPU)

  • At least 2 GB of RAM

  • At least 45 GB of SSD disk storage

We recommend the following VPS providers:

We recommend Vultr, as our testing showed the best performance for the price, and if you use our referral link above, you'll get $100 in testing credits ๐ŸŽ‰

Do note that while you can install FunnelFlux on a small, cheap VPS, this does not mean it will function correctly after installation and under reasonable load.

Doing so could lead to lost data, money, and time wasted on issues that come down to having a very cheap server.

As a general guide, any VPS costing less than $20 USD/mo is unlikely to be fit for the task of hosting a tracker such as FunnelFlux.ย 

Do not use shared hosting - we will not provide any technical support for installations on shared hosting.

If you are interested in what server specifications will handle certain daily click volumes, see the final section of this article.

Software Requirements

In order to install FunnelFlux, you will need:

The following PHP extensions, both for PHP Web and PHP CLI (apart from ionCube Loader, the other ones are usually installed by default):

  • ionCube Loader 10.3+

  • mcrypt

  • mbstring

  • json

  • hash

  • curl

  • mysqli

  • sockets

  • zip

  • xml

  • pdo_sqlite

  • sqlite3

  • gd

Optional but highly recommended:

  • Either Memcached or Redis, plus their respective PHP extensions

  • Zend OPcache PHP extension

  • If you are not sure what Linux OS to use, we recommend CentOS v7 x64

Suggested resources

Interested in what server specifications would be required for specific daily click volumes and levels of traffic?

We have tested various servers with simulated loads as guidance. You can see our article on this here.

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