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What are Stored Links?

How to use the link shortener function of FunnelFlux

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Stored Links are similar to URL shorteners that reduce long links for convenience.

You can use the stored link function to create short links for any of you funnel entrance URLs, as seen below:

Link Name - will be the name of your stored link. This will be part of the URL so needs to be a short word with only underscores (so something like my_link_name, not My Link Name).

e.g. if you name it "sweepstakes", as then the generated link be:

Custom URL - if you're planning to use an external link for your stored link, enter that URL value here.

Or select a Funnel to build the entrance URL that will be used for your stored link.

When to use Stored Links?

You can use Stored Links for creating "pretty" links on social media or other pages, or for example links in your email/forum signature -- anywhere where you want a short link for some reason, and the ability to change that link's destination easily at any time.

Additionally, in the stored links section, you can see the visit count, so it provides easy reporting of the number of visits to each link.

Limitations of Stored Links

The Stored Links will not contain appended parameters, so if you have tokens in the URL you need to append them after the "sl" parameter, e.g.{token1}&data2={token2}&...

Stored links are not often used for ad URLs, because you don't gain much by shortnening the flux_fts part of a URL only to have to append other parameters afterward anyway. So. use them for situations where you want some static short link that doesn't use dynamic insertion.

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