Tracking setup for RichAds
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RichAds offers multiple ad types, particularly push and pop traffic. You can access several templates for them within our traffic source section.

You can get a 10% top up on your first deposit as below:

  • After signing up, tell your manager you have a promo code FUNNELFLUX

  • A 10% bonus will be added after your first deposit

Tracking setup

Ideally, choose either of the RichAds templates from our available templates, then modify as you please.

You can see a list of available macros during your campaign setup:

For conversion tracking, you can use the postback:{trackingfield-clickid}&price={flux_payout}

Note: if you want to use main conversions and approved conversions, we'd recommend passing conversions to FunnelFlux (from your network) with a custom flux_txid of "conversion" or "lead" to match the values on the RichAds side.

Then you could change the action in the postback to pass that TxID value, as so:{flux_txid}&key={trackingfield-clickid}&price={flux_payout}
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