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Dealing with common error codes
Dealing with common error codes
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During your usage of FunnelFlux there are a number of errors you might encounter, either in the front-end/UI or when loading tracking links.

Here we'll list some of the ones we have seen before and what they might mean, to help you with troubleshooting.

Errors when loading a tracking/action link

404 Error

This occurs when FunnelFlux does not know where to send the visitor and you'll see it when loading action links. 

If you have a default 404 page set in your system settings it will route to this instead of the white page saying "404".

This will generally happen for one of two reasons:

  1. The visitor has made it to the page and clicked an action link, but has not yet been tracked -- so has no presence in the tracker yet

  2. The visitor started a tracking session but does not have cookies present that tell the tracker what funnel they are in and node they have travelled to, so the tracker can't compute where they should go next.

Common causes of cookies being absent are:

  • You have loaded the landing page directly, with no JS tracking on the page, so no entrance has been recorded or tracking session started

  • The visitor has blocked cookies, either intentionally or unintentionally through their browser. So they may have been tracked, but on clicking the action link the tracker can't tell that they are that existing known visitor

  • You're loading an action number that has no outgoing connection from the node the tracker thinks the user is on. This can happen if you load action links in an odd sequence, or have multiple action links on a page opening in new tabs and are blocking referrer somehow, so that the tracker can't tell the click came from a previous node (rather than the one the user apparently moved to)

  • You're not keeping domain consistent with tracking -- e.g. your initial redirect link or Javascript uses  and your action links use . Cookies are domain dependent, so the  action link will not be able to access the cookies from

When it comes to troubleshoot 404's, consider:

  1. How am I tracking the user's entrance? Did they go through a redirect link or did the Javascript tracking start things? One or the other has to be present.

  2. Could there be anything blocking cookies from being dropped in the browser?

  3. Am I keeping domain consistent?

  4. If opening links in new tabs, am I ensuring referrer is being passed to the action link? For this, ensure you do not use rel="noreferrer" and avoid HTTPS > HTTP changes from lander > action link.

403 Error

This is a server-side "forbidden" error.

It has nothing to do with FunnelFlux and suggests a server configuration issue.

502 Bad Gateway

This again is a server-side error and not something that has to do with FunnelFlux config, in most situations.

processFunnelNode() error A

This error will occur when you are using a funnel entrance link for a node or funnel that does not exist.

This usually happens with copy/paste errors or malforming of a URL so that the node ID, flux_fn , or the funnel/traffic ID, flux_fts , is invalid.

When you delete campaigns/funnels/nodes these are not actually permanently deleted so existing links don't break so easily, but will certainly stop functioning correctly if you have deleted the underlying landers/offers they may refer to.

If you see this error, check that your URLs are correct and of course check if you have inadvertently deleted a funnel, its nodes, or modified things in some way that would break existing links.

Rotator's node doesn't have valid exit connections.

This one is quite self-explanatory -- you are sending traffic to a rotator that has no connections to send the user anywhere.

Front-end errors

Here are some errors you may encounter in the FunnelFlux UI.

Origin time-out

This can happen if you try to run a report that takes so long that it hits system-level (PHP, MySQL, etc.) limits on query times.

If this happens, consider how big the report you are running is and how much hit data it covers.

If it's a large report your server might not be able to handle the output in a suitable timeframe.

To get around this you can modify your PHP/MySQL and related time out parameters. You'll need to look into that yourself since it varies per server environment, if in doubt you can ask our tech team.

If the report is quite small this origin timeout is odd and points to an issue that should be investigated -- again, talk to our tech team.

Unexpected end of JSON input

This error has come up in a number of circumstances.

In general, it happens when something breaks the formatting/validity of the JSON data being retrieved from the FunnelFlux back-end by the front-end javascript.

This can happen if landers/offers have atypical symbols in their names/properties, though usually this is fine as our system sanitises the data -- but there can always be odd, new ways to break such things.

In the past we have seen emojis used in URLs, and lander names somehow being a full copy/paste of a javascript code block... probably going to cause an issue!

There are a lot of things that can affect the front-end Javascript's reading of data, such as browser plugins, updates etc., so it's best to first try a new browser, clearing cache/cookies, checking plugins are not blocking any JS loading, and then resort to asking our tech team to investigate.

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