Tracking Clickbank sales as a vendor
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If you are a product owner using Clickbank and want to track sales, as well as affiliate sales, you'll need to use a slightly different approach to what affiliates use - namely you can't use our IPN integration as this is designed for affiliates and uses the tid parameter, which you don't use as a vendor.

If you are selling your product through Clickbank, chances are you may be using upsells (i.e. Pitchplus upsell flows) and you want to track these effectively as well. We go over that side of things in a different article.

Setting up tracking as a vendor

Before you get to configuring your product, you should first create a traffic source, landers and offers in FunnelFlux.

Note: given you are dealing with a purchase form at some point, we would recommend having all landers/offers using https, so you will need to ensure your tracker domain has a valid SSL certificate set up.

The traffic source

Create a traffic source called "Clickbank Vendor Account" or similar.

For the custom tracking fields, add hop  and vtid as well as any other fields you will want to use as a vendor in your own advertising campaigns.

The hop parameter is important for tracking what affiliate sent traffic, i.e. when its not you sending the traffic, and vtid  is a vendor tracking ID (the equivalent of tid) that you can use as a vendor - something that both Clickbank and FunnelFlux will track.

Configuring your funnel

Let's assume you are just promoting a single product with no upsells.

You will need:

  • a lander, which will be your "pitch page" for your Clickbank product

  • an offer for the checkout form that uses the Clickbank pay link

  • and a thank you page lander that people get sent to after a conversion

Your funnel will then look like this:

Now, right click on the traffic node > send traffic here.

Select your Clickbank traffic source and generate your entrance link (you should use the 301 or 307 redirect mode).

With this link, the main core parameter you will need is just flux_fts. So the Pitch URL to use would be something like:

When affiliates send traffic to your offer in Clickbank, hop=affiliate_id  will automatically be appended to the Pitch URL, and since your Clickbank Vendor traffic source in FunnelFlux is expecting this parameter, it will track it.

Likewise if you are using the Clickbank link yourself, you can append vtid=something to add a vendor TID, which will be tracked by Clickbank and by FunnelFlux.

The Pitch Page

On your pitch page the main thing you will need is an action link that sends people to the checkout page.

Usually you would just use a Clickbank Pay Link, but we want to track the clickthroughs and have more control, right?

So, on your pitch page, for your CTAs, right click on "Action 1" between the pitch page and checkout page in your funnel > get action's URL > get the URL, with organic parameters on.

The URL should look like this:

The Checkout Offer

Within FunnelFlux you should configure your checkout offer to use the pay links provided by Clickbank, which are of the format:

Be sure to use a 301 redirect mode for the offer.

Now, you may want to pass additional parameters to the checkout page - for example the vtid that you passed to the original tracking link. In which case you could use:

There are various other parameters that Clickbank supports, e.g. cbskin for custom order forms -- if using those, you could make separate offers for each one and hard-code the cbskin parameter to make things easier to track.

The Thank You Page

As for the Thank You page in your Clickbank offer settings, use an action link.

To do this, right click the action between the offer > lander and Get Action's URL. Turn on organic parameters, giving you a link like this:

As for tracking the conversion, there are two options:

  1. Double click the action link from above and toggle the "this is a conversion" option. Now when a user loads the thanks page it will automatically be counted as a conversion event

  2. Leave the #1 option off, and grab an iFrame from the System Links page. Put this iFrame on your thnak you lander page. The benefit of this option is that you can put additional details into the iFrame src code like payout, txid and so on - i.e. you have more control over the conversion event.

Note: if you are using a membership system like MemberMouse, Amember etc. and need that to be your thank you page, just use its URL as the lander URL in FunnelFlux. This should be no different to any other thank you page.

If you have some parameters from Clickbank that need to be passed to the thank you page, you can do this as usual and add them to the FunnelFlux link, then in your funnel you can double click the thank you page > this page needs all accumulated URL params. This will ensure it passes on anything you add from Clickbank.

So, that should be all you need to do to track a basic offer flow with FunnelFlux.

Some finsihing notes:

  • Remember, the URL tracking field hop  will tell your the affiliate IDs that are sending traffic to your Clickbank offer

  • If running your own traffic, use a Clickbank link (if desired) and append vtid=something to it. This is a core parameter that Clickbank tracks so it's ideal to have it in both systems for alignment of data.

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