What are stored links?
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Stored links are useful if you need to use a certain link often and would like to make it easier to access, or if you want to track traffic to a simple page and don't want to create a funnel just to do this.

Additionally, stored links make it easy to provide a "friendly" URL that masks a bigger, more complicated URL. 

Think of it as an internal URL shortener like goo.gl or bit.ly.

There are two typical types of destinations for stored links:

  1. A typical funnel entrance - in this case the link you are sending traffic to is the same type of link you would get from "Send Traffic Here" in any campaign

  2. A custom URL - here you can put any URL you want. This is kind of like using an external URL node in a funnel, except without the funnel.

Creating a stored link

Head to Links > Stored Links and click Add New Link.

In the dialog that pops up you will be able to put a custom URL or you can use the link generator to get the tracking link for any campaign/funnel, then click "use this link".

Clicking "use this link" will insert it into the URL destination box - so that you don't need to navigate elsewhere to get this link and copy/paste it.

The short link will always go to the URL in the custom URL box, and you can change this at any time and update/save the stored link.

As for the name, this name will appear in your stored link URL to tell FunnelFlux which stored link you are loading -- so be sure to use a name that suits your purposes. 

Remember, you can change it at any time (but be careful as if you have already used the stored link somewhere, e.g. in ads, modifying the name will break those links)

Getting the link URL

Once you have created a link you can click the "copy URL" button beside any link.

This will copy the link to the clipboard. 

The link will be of the format:


So, in this case, because my link's name is TEST, the result would be


Note that you can append any query string parameters you want to this stored link and they will pass through to the destination.

For example, my link redirects to http://google.com 

If I used the link:


The resulting URL it would redirect to is:


Looking at stored link statistics

Stored links don't have any complicated reporting, just a list of visits that you can see in the table on the stored links page.

You can reset these at any time.

If you are using a FunnelFlux entrance link as the URL you are masking, then you can just look at the funnel's stats as you normally would. However, there is no default way to show that the traffic came specifically via the stored link, as to FunnelFlux this is just an extra, small redirect step that is of no consequence.

If you wanted to you could create "Stored Links" as a traffic source and use this source when generating the stored link, though its up to you if that fits your use case.

On the other hand, if redirecting to custom URLs that do not involve FunnelFlux (e.g. my google.com example above), there is no tracking other than the visit count on the stored links page.

These redirections to custom external URLs do not go through a campaign or funnel, do not hit nodes, create hit IDs or do anything that would allow for structured reporting of their activity.

However, we may add stored link as a grouping option in the future to allow for this.

For now, if you want to redirect traffic to a non-FunnelFlux URL and track the visitor data comprehensively, we suggest making a funnel that links to an external URL node and then using the tracking link for this funnel as the stored link target.

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