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How to update conversion data
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The Update Conversions section of FunnelFlux lets you add, remove and update conversion data manually using text data.

Before you update conversions its important to set the right traffic source postback mode. Only postback events are relevant as Javascript/iFrame piggybacking of conversions can't happen when you do a manual update.

  • Do not fire my postback URLs - when you update conversions, FunnelFlux will ignore any postback URL you have configured in the relevant traffic source 

  • Fire postbacks for hits that have not fired yet - this will fire postback URLs to your traffic source for the hits you upload, but only if that hit has not already converted in the past

  • Fire postbacks even if they have fired in the past - here, FunnelFlux will fire postbacks to your traffic source regardless. This could cause an artificial increase in conversions at your traffic source, especially if that source does not use unique click IDs to distinguish between converting clicks

As for updating the conversions themselves, it is relatively easy to enter data and update, and there are several variations you can use.

Also - note that conversion updates are submitted as a background job. So depending on the amount of hits and the load on your server, it could take a short time before the conversions appear in your stats.

Inputting conversion data

If you just want to convert some hits, e.g. from a list you got from your network prior to setting up conversion tracking correctly, you can just paste them in a list, e.g.


If you want to upload these and set a specific payout for each conversion, you can add a comma then the payout:

255352417999112671, 12
255352418049494985, 35.68
255443149277534098, 240

Incidentally, if you want to remove converted hit IDs, you can do so by setting their payout to -1, i.e.

255352417999112671, -1
255352418049494985, -1
255443149277534098, -1

Lastly, if you would like to register conversions and their transaction IDs, which are important if a single hit converted multiple times such as on an upsell, one-time-offer, lead followed by sale and so on, you can add a :  separator after the Hit ID, e.g.

255352417999112671:lead, 2.50
255352417999112671:sale, 45.00
255352418049494985:presell, 25
255352418049494985:upsell, 17
255443149277534098:order-1452, 13

To make your life easier with adding complex update logs like above, I highly recommend using something like SublimeText and getting familiar with some of its nifty features like vertical and area selection (makes things like adding symbols in bulk easy).

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