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PHP node helper functions
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If you are using PHP nodes you can include phpHelperfunctions.php to provide a number of key, useful FunnelFlux functions.

You can include this by adding this to the start of your PHP snippet:

require_once 'PHPNodeHelpers.php';

The functions available are after this are:

  • PHPNodeHelpers::accumulateParam($key, $value)

  • PHPNodeHelpers::loadAccumulatedParams()

  • PHPNodeHelpers::saveAccumulatedParams($params)

  • PHPNodeHelpers::loadTrackingFields()

  • PHPNodeHelpers::updateTrackingFields($fields)

  • PHPNodeHelpers::sendMail($config);

These do the following:

  • accumulateParam will add specified key/value pairs to the Accumulated URL Params buffer

  • loadAccumulatedParams will load the Accumulated URL Params buffer as an array

  • saveAccumulatedParams will save and replace the current URL Parmas buffer with whatever is in the specified array

  • loadTrackingFields will load all tracking field data available for the current visitor

  • updateTrackingFields will update any custom tracking fields for the current visitor to the values specified (the tracking fields must however exist)

  • sendMail allows to send emails through an SMTP server of your choice. The config array to pass to the function requires the following entries:

PHPNodeHelpers::sendMail( [
'to' => '[email protected]',
'email-subject' => 'Open this now',
'email-body' => 'The html email content',
'smtp-configuration' => [
   'server' => '',
   'port' => 'port number',
   'secure' => 'ssl',
   'username' => 'username to smtp service',
   'password' => 'password to smtp service',
   'from-name' => 'Me',
   'from-email' => '[email protected]',
] );
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