What do N/A and filtered traffic options do in reports?
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If you are running reports in the stats section of FunnelFlux then you have probably noticed the following options:

So what do these do?

Show N/A

This one is quite important and is often useful.

Show N/A tells FunnelFlux to group traffic into an N/A line when those hits/visits have no corresponding value for the grouping parameter or level you are looking at.

For example:

  • You are grouping by mobile carrier but the hits where from non-mobile ISPs

  • You are grouping by MVT attributes but were doing no MVT testing

  • You are grouping by city but the city was unable to be resolved (city-level data is much less accurate and complete than country-level data)

  • You are grouping by referrer but the referrer has been blanked

In most cases this N/A value arises from the data being unavailable or unknown.

Depending on what you are grouping by, this may account for a significant portion of your data, thus it is important to use Show N/A often to better understand your data, especially when you have a parent row with e.g. 10,000 hits but the children only add up to a few thousand -- in this case there is surely a lot grouped into N/A.

Show Filtered Traffic

This option is simpler and depends on the filters you have in the Settings > Traffic Filters section of FunnelFlux.

In this section if you create a filter there are two options: hide from statistics, and hide & redirect.

Both options hide the filtered hits from your stats by default, and to show these you add the "Show Filtered Traffic" option. Easy.

When to use? Mainly when you want to check how much traffic may have matched a filter and been hidden. Ideally your filters rarely affect real visitor traffic.

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