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Passing data from many different traffic sources to a single offer
Passing data from many different traffic sources to a single offer

This is useful if you want to pass different data to an offer depending on the traffic source used

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The Issue

Quite often a funnel will receive traffic from multiple traffic sources, with each of those sources having different URL parameters they pass onward.

Let's take a comparison of the fields I have configured for PropellerAds vs PopAds:



Clearly they are quite different.

Now, what if I wanted to pass the ID of the site, publisher, zone, or whatever parameter refers to a specific ad spot, through to the offer regardless of which source is sending the traffic.

Usually you would use a token in the offer URL right?

However, for PropellerAds I would need {trackingfield-zone] 

For PopAds I would need {trackingfield-publisher}

So, I would either need to make an offer per traffic source and route to these in my funnel, or use a seperate funnel per traffic source, or give up trying to pass this data in the first place!

Our Suggestions

The ideal way to deal with this situation is to create a universal tracking field, purposed for sending data through to the offer.

Let's call this "pass".

I will update my two traffic sources to add this pass  parameter, and I will set the placeholder to whatever I want to routinely pass through to the offer or affiliate network.

Keep in mind you can chain tokens together so you can make this pass multiple pieces od data in the one field (advisable).

Here are my new configurations:



Note how in the PopAds example I decided to send Category ID and Website ID together, with a -- separating them. You could separate however you want or just pass a single piece of information, it is entirely up to you.

Now, in your offer URL you can just add the {trackingfield-pass}  parameter to the URL and in all traffic sources and funnel links you can focus on making sure you send data to pass  that you want to carry through to the offer.

See my summary notes below:

  1. You could leave pass blank if you don't want to send anything onward.

  2. To make life easy, as a habit/routine you can always put {trackingfield-pass}  in your offer URLs

  3. Consider pass as an extra parameter. Don't move pieces of data to pass and remove the original field -- don't worry about passing data twice in the URL e.g. under publisher and pass. It doesn't matter.

  4. In your stats, you can ignore the pass  URL tracking field in analysis as its just there to coordinate data transfer to the offer across different traffic sources.

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