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Configuring an offer source

Getting started with your first offer source

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Offer sources are the places you get your offers from - in most cases affiliate networks.

In this configuration dialog you can add the offer source and input the tokens from the offer source system to generate the postback URL you’ll need for tracking back to FunnelFlux.

Example: you are working with some affiliate network that lets you pass data under the parameters s1, s2, s3, s4 and s5. I always recommend using the last available parameter by habit. 

Some platforms will have a separate field dedicated to tracking unique click identifiers -- if so, use that.

Here’s and example configuration:

Here I am telling FunnelFlux that I plan to send my FunnelFlux unique hit ID, the parameter FunnelFlux needs for tracking conversions, under the s5 parameter.

I then put in the offer source’s tokens for that parameter, in this case {{s5}}, and payout. Txid is optional and is used for differentiating repeated conversions by the same user -- e.g. if someone were to convert on an initial event then an upsell later.

Note that here you are just constructing the postback URL for convenience -- this does not affect your campaign/funnel configuration or any other tracking, it is purely for time saving.

When you later create offers under this offer source, you will need to be sure to add ...&s5={hit-id}... to your offer URL to ensure you pass FunnelFlux’s unique tracking ID to this specific network.

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