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Baseball Giveaway Lead Capture Funnel
Baseball Giveaway Lead Capture Funnel

An old case study that's worth a read

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I have recently started a new campaign to promote a baseball digital product.

Before exploring the details, here’s a general overview of my initial funnel:

Let me explain what is happening here… let’s analyze each part of this funnel one by one:

The red circle at the top left represents the incoming traffic. The first thing I do is sending the visitors to 1 of 3 different optin pages (A/B/C split test). 

When I advertise on FB, I *ALWAYS* capture the email addresses before anything else – when I have those leads I can promote to them anything under the sun without having to check if it’s against FB’s TOS or not.

Here’s the 1st optin page:

The 2nd one – the background is a video showcasing the product I’m giving away:

And the 3rd one:

After someone optins, there’s a test to see if the traffic is coming from FB. If yes, a conversion pixel is triggered.

In both cases, the lead is then redirected to a rotator that will send him to 1 of 2 different thank you pages (A/B split test):

Those two thank you pages have links to affiliate offers.

Let’s look at the first thank you page – as you can see on the screenshot below, 3 actions are possible on this page:

The first action is an affiliate link leading to the sales page of the product I’m giving away. People are impatient – some of the ones entering a giveaway think they will not win and decide to buy the product without waiting.

The second action is an affiliate link to a digital product called “Baseball Swing Mastery”. It’s a video course sold on Clickbank.

The third action is also an affiliate link to another digital product called “PRO Hitting Mastery”. It’s also a video course sold on Clickbank.

Even though that thank you page has 3 different affiliate links, only 2 will be displayed at once. Action 1 + Action 2 or Action 1 + Action 3. The goal being to find which digital product converts better.

Before I show you how the thank you page looks like, I need to mention that there’s also a contest presented to the leads at this point.

They are given a unique referral link and earn points when they share the giveaway with their friends. When they subscribe they earn 1 point. When they have one of their friends subscribe through their referral link, they earn 10 points. And when one of their friends refer someone else, they earn 5 points.

It’s all done to motivate them to share with as many people as possible.

So here’s how the page looks like – in the version below, Action 1 and Action 3 are shown (sorry I had to scale it down as it wasn’t fittin vertically):

And 50% of the time, the banner at the bottom was the one for Action 2 instead:

The 2nd thank you page was just a variation of the 1st one, where I just swapped the top banner with the bottom one to see which one would bring the most revenue:

Very quickly after starting sending traffic, I could see that the optin 1 was performing poorly and had only 3% chances of being the best:

So I eliminated it from the split test to know faster which page between optin 2 and optin 3 would perform better:

Shortly after I could see that optin 2 had 99% chances of being better:

So I cut optin 3 from the split test to send all the traffic to optin 2 (the one with the video background).

At this point, I should have added a new optin page to try to beat optin 2 but I didn’t. I was busy in another part of the funnel. I noticed that people reaching the thank you pages, barely clicked on the affiliate links.

So I changed the bottom part of the funnel to this:

Instead of sending them to the leaderboard pages with the top and bottom banner, I split tested 3 new pages instead.

This one corresponds to the “Hurricane 4 Confirm Email” node on the left part of the funnel – the top bar is animated:

It has 2 possible actions. The banner to the product I’m giving away, and the video screenshot that either redirects to “Baseball Swing Mastery” or to “PRO Hitting Mastery”

Here’s the 2nd version of the confirm page, corresponding to the node “Hurricane 4 Confirm Email 2”

And here’s the 3rd version, corresponding to the node on the right “Hurricane 4 Confirm Email 3”

As you can see below, those pages performed MUCH better than the previous ones and the click through rate was great:

I still kept the leaderboard pages. 

But instead of sending the leads to those pages after they optin, I sent them there in the welcome email they receive. 

That way, I could still explain to them that they can earn more points by sharing with their friends.

Here’s the welcome email, if you wonder how it looks like (real urls hidden):

Subject -> Hurricane 4 Giveaway: Increase Your Chances of Winning!

Thanks for your interest! Your entry is now confirmed.

BUT are you THE one who is going to get the Hurricane Category 4 Solo Swing Trainer?

You currently have 1 point.

You can dramatically increase your chances of winning by following the 2 steps below:

STEP 1: Send an email to your friends and give them your personal referral link:{{social_id}}

You earn 10 new points for each friend you refer.

And you earn 5 additional points each time a friend you have referred refers someone else!

STEP 2: Share the giveaway with your friends on your favorite social networks by using the buttons below:

{% share_buttons %}

These links were created just for you. Using them will credit you for anyone you send us.

You can check the leaderboard and your current score at any time by clicking **this link**.

Have an awesome day!

Brad Hudson

PS: The winner will be selected based on a weighted draw. Everyone has a chance to win, but the more points you earn, the more chances you have.

PPS: Do you want to learn or teach your son to hit like a PRO? **Check out this video now**
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