Visits are entrances into your funnels. Clicks are actions happening on your landers.

There are many traffic sources that do not require a click on their side to trigger a visit to your funnels, so labeling them clicks is a mistake made by many trackers.
For example, pop traffic and PPV traffic both trigger visits to your funnels without any click by the user.
What we label clicks in FunnelFlux are real clicks happening on your landers. If you have a direct link to an offer, then there is no lander, and hence no click.
Consider this flow:
PPV Traffic ---> FunnelFlux redirect ---> Offer
The visitor didn't have to click anywhere to reach the offer.

Now, with this flow:
PPV Traffic ---> FunnelFlux redirect ---> Landing page ---- [click] ----> Offer
So visits are entrances into your funnels, and clicks are actions that happen on your landers to go to the next funnel step, which in the flow above is the offer.

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