What is Multivariate Testing
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With Multivariate Testing (MVT), you can split test an unlimited number of variations on one single landing page (or offer).
Each time you enter a page, you can serve a combination of elements, e.g.

Here 4 things are being tested at the same time -- a heading, the image, the background color of the button, and the button text.
You can, of course, test an unlimited number of elements, with an unlimited number of variations per element.
You can then use FunnelFlux's integrated statistical significance calculator to quickly find the winning variations:

There are two grouping options available:

  • MVT Key-value pairs

  • MVT Combination

The MVT Key-value pairs grouping type is shown above, where each variation type is shown independently. This is ideal for an apples-to-apples comparison of an individual variable, but note that this is not the best grouping to make decisions from since it does not show the interaction between different elements.

The MVT Combination grouping option does show this, e.g. it may show:

  • Image 1, Heading 2, CTA 1

  • Image 2, Heading 1, CTA 3

  • and so on

This grouping type can produce a large number of items depending on your test configuration since it will be the product of the number of variants. E.g. if you had 3 images, 2 headlines and 4 CTAs, you would produce 3 x 2 x 4 = 24 combinations. So try to keep these simple to start.

However, keep in mind that the power of MVT is best harnessed by looking at these combinations to find the ones that work best.

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