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How many clicks can I log before I need to purge my database?
How many clicks can I log before I need to purge my database?
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This is a good question.

For most people, it will never be necessary. However let’s be realistic, for affiliates driving a high volume of traffic (several million per month) they will either need an excellent server to keep all their data or purge them every once in a while.

FunnelFlux has ensured that the software never times out and that the redirects do not slow down as data stored increases, so issues would be more related to the responsiveness of the statistics module and reporting.

We understand because we personally hate it when we need to wait a long time to display reports.

We have not reached that point yet in any of our installs but when we do reach it, we’ll back up the database and clear the old stats that we don’t need anymore.

The statistic reset feature inside FunnelFlux gives you several options and you don’t need to reset all the stats at once – you can specify the time range, from which campaign, from which traffic source to be exact in what you want to delete.

Here is a screenshot of the options you can use to reset only the data you want:

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