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Does FunnelFlux have database or stats limitations?
Does FunnelFlux have database or stats limitations?
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One main complaint point about self-hosted tracking software is that due to database or statistic limitations, generally after a large number of clicks/database entries, the tracker either gets extremely slow or crashes and the database has to be purged, losing all historical data. 

More and more people move to cloud-based systems which don’t suffer from this problem, although some people prefer to have privacy and store all data on their own server.

FunnelFlux has proprietary database configuration and approaches that prevent your tracking getting slow due to database inflation.

The redirection and tracking speed of users will remain the same whether you have logged 10,000 or 10,000,000 clicks, provided your server is not out of resources.

The architect and creator of FunnelFlux is a programmer with 25+ years experience as a developer who has worked as a technical director for multi-million dollar projects for some of the biggest companies in the world. His main focus has been optimisation, so you can be sure FunnelFlux is well-optimised, fast and efficient.

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