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Are geo-targeting and other routing rules available?
Are geo-targeting and other routing rules available?
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You can drop conditional nodes at any location in your funnels.
Here is a screenshot showing several rules in one funnel to route the traffic to different offers:

You have access to the following attributes for condition nodes (and you can group them with OR and AND operators):

  • Location: Continent

  • Location: Country

  • Location: Region

  • Location: City

  • Location: Timezone

  • Device: Type

  • Device: Brand

  • Device: Model

  • Device: OS

  • Device: OS Version

  • Device: Browser

  • Device: Browser Version

  • Device: Display Width

  • Device: Display Height

  • Device: Name

  • Device: Manufacturer

  • Device: Pointing Method

  • Device: Connection Speed

  • Device: Wifi Support

  • Device: NFC Support

  • Device: Dual Orientation Support

  • Device: Cookies Support

  • Device: 3rd-Party Cookies Support

  • Device: iFrames Support

  • Device: Embedded Videos Support

  • Device: HTML 5 Support

  • Device: Javascript Support

  • Device: Click-To-Call Support

  • Device: Click-To-SMS Support

  • Device: Click-To-MMS Support

  • Device: MP4 Videos Support

  • Device: MOV Videos Support

  • Device: FLV Videos Support

  • Device: WMV Videos Support

  • Device: Flash Support

  • Device: PDF Support

  • Connection: IP

  • Connection: ISP

  • Connection: User Agent

  • Connection: Referrer

  • Connection: Current URL

  • Time: Date

  • Time: Day of Week

  • Time: Day of Month

  • Time: Month of Year

  • Time: Time of Day

  • Quantity: Number of Visitors

  • Quantity: Number of Visitors Today

  • Traffic Source

  • URL Tracking Field

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