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Sending data from the traffic source to the offer
Sending data from the traffic source to the offer
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When you setup your traffic source, you need to add the tracking fields that capture information that you will later send to your offer.

Pay attention to the name of this section: “Tracking Fields”

And to the name of the two columns below – on the left you have “Field Name” and on the right, you have “Token”

Now let’s head over to the offer setup.

On the right side of the URL field, you have a box called “URL tokens”. These are, as you know, all the dynamic tokens you can add to your offer/lander URL.

All of them are quite straightforward to use except the latest one in the list called “{trackingfield-fieldname}”. 

This is the one you want to add to your offer URL:

This specific token must be modified when you add it your URL.

Once again, pay attention to the naming of this token: {trackingfield-fieldname}

Here’s the screenshot of the traffic source again:

The fieldnames are the names that you have used on the left side of the "Tracking Fields" section when you set up your traffic source.

So in order to pass your “id” to your offer you will have to change the token in your offer URL from this:

  • {trackingfield-fieldname}

to this:

  • {trackingfield-id}

And the value associated to "id" will then be sent from your traffic source to your offer's network for each visit.

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