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What are accumulated URL parameters?
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If you double click on a lander or offer node in your visual diagram, you will see an option called "This page needs all the accumulated URL Params":

By default, it's off.
If you enable it, then, when a visitor reaches that page, FunnelFlux will append to that page URL all the parameters that you had in your funnel link.
For example:
If your funnel link is:

And if you enable this option on a lander that you have setup at

Then when a visitor of that funnel will reach this specific lander node, FunnelFlux will load it at this url:

In addition to the custom tokens that are passed from your funnel link as in the example above, you can also accumulate URL params inside your campaigns and funnels by using the "Accumulate These URL Params" advanced settings:

These will add extra parameters only for traffic within this funnel. This can be useful if you plan to use specific information within this funnel, but do not want to have these parameters hard-coded into the URL of the lander in lander config.

Note that the extra paramater data is all stored in the Accumulated URL Params buffer.

You will see in other documents how you can access and edit this buffer to change data passing in your final in interesting ways.

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