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Can I use the same lander in different funnels?
Can I use the same lander in different funnels?
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When you paste your action urls in a lander, you may wonder if you can then use that lander in another funnel.

As a reminder, an "organic traffic enabled" action url looks like this:

While an action url that doesn't support organic traffic looks like this:

No matter which action url you use (with or without organic traffic option), you CAN use the same lander in different funnels.
When the traffic to a lander comes through a tracking link, there is only one single parameter from the action url that is used: flux_action.

The other parameters, if present, are disregarded - those extra parameters are only used in the case of organic traffic to assign the click to a default funnel/default node.

Thus, think of the organic traffic option and the extra parameters as a backup for cases where the traffic is of unknown origin.

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