This is the well-known issue that may occur when using the correct credentials, where the tracker doesn't log you in into your FunnelFlux dashboard.

Below are the likely culprits:

Funnel Flux cache folder is not writable

  • The Funnel Flux cache folder is not writable by the PHP script or doesn't have enough permissions to perform saving of the session file to the cache directory.

    Server location of the cache folder: FUNNEL_FLUX_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY/cache 

Your license key was LOCKED

  • To check if your account license key is LOCKED. Go to your member's dashboard; then you will see next to your license domain the Action labeled option as "LOCKED".

    The possible reason that your license is LOCKED is that you don't have an active subscription.

    Note: A FunnelFlux support staff will need to manually unlock LOCKED accounts in cases where the subscription is active, as this may be a technical error with our systems. In this case, please create a support ticket to request unlocking.

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