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Creating a PPC campaign on Bing Ads
Creating a PPC campaign on Bing Ads
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In this tutorial, we will see how to setup a campaign on Bing Ads.

Step 1: Create a traffic source

Create a traffic source in FunnelFlux called "PPC: Bing Ads" or any name suitable for you.

Add the following tracking fields:

These 3 tracking fields will allow you to track:

  1. {keyword} = the keywords you have bidden on that are bringing you visitors / conversions

  2. {AdId} = which ads are being clicked on and which ones are bringing the most conversions

  3. {QueryString} = the exact phrases your visitors are searching for on Bing

Click here if you would like to check all available Bing tokens.

Step 2: Create your funnel

For this tutorial, here is the very simple funnel we will be using:

Step 3: Get your funnel link

Once your funnel is created, right click on the red traffic node and select "Send Traffic Here"

A new window will open - select your Bing Traffic Source, and click "Copy" to get your funnel link:

Keep this link in your clipboard, you will need it soon.

Step 5: Start your Bing campaign

Head over to your Bing Ads account and create a new search campaign:

Step 6: Enter your campaign settings

Note: All the images below are just examples - you will need to setup your own settings according to your needs.

Step 7: Create your first ad


  1. your ad title

  2. your ad text

  3. your display url, which is the URL of the final page your visitors are being sent to. It could be the URL of your lander if you have one. In our example, this is the URL of the offer we are direct linking to.

  4. your destination url. This is your funnel url, given to you by FunnelFlux in step 3 above.

It will look like this:

Step 8: Choose your keywords

Choose the keywords you want to bid on, then click Save (click the image to zoom):

Step 9: Setup your targeting

Setup your targeting and advanced settings then click Save!

Congratulations! Your campaign is now ready on Bing Ads.

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