RichPush is a push notification traffic source.

Until the end of 2018, you can get a 10% top up on your first deposit as so:

  1. Sign up here --
  2. After signing up, tell your manager you have a promo code FUNNELFLUX 
  3. A 10% bonus will be added after your first deposit

Note, this is for new sign ups only, valid until 31/12/2018.

Tracking setup

We have not yet added RichPush to our traffic source templates as this requires a software update, but it shall be added soon.

For now, you can add the following fileds manually in your traffic source config in FunnelFlux:

  • sub / [SUB_LIST_ID]
  • pub  / [PUBLISHER_ID]
  • site  / [SITE_ID]
  • place / [PLACEMENT_ID]
  • adv / [ADVERTISER_ID]
  • adv_n / [ADVERTISER_NAME]
  • camp / [CAMPAIGN_ID]
  • creative / [CREATIVE_ID]
  • user / [USER_ID]
  • click / [CLICK_ID]

Note you can also use the token [BID_PRICE]  in the cost box to dynamically pass cost.

For your postback URL, use:{trackingfield-click}&price={flux-payout}

If for some reason you want to use client-side tracking, we'd recommend using the JS option and then using:

<script src="//{flux-payout}"></script>

Note that your id value will be specific to your account.

Campaign setup

For now, we'll let you refer to their tutorial here for more information.

We'll update this guide later once we have added RichPush to our traffic source templates.

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