Yep, we do!

You can register an account HERE.

Once registered and approved, you will be able to generate your own referral link.

You can also generate a deep-linked version to go to a specific page, should that be relevant (e.g. if we have a special promo page for you).

You can track SUBIDs by adding these to the end of your basic referral URL.

E.g. if you referral URL ends with ...1234/5678/ , you can adjust this to read .../1234/5678/SUBID_HERE . You can then view stats in the SUBID tracking section.

Our commissions

We pay $20 per sign up, followed by a 15% recurring commission. We pay a flat rate for sign up since we generally have a $1 trial (and who wants a % of that, right?)

As an affiliate you can also refer other people to the affilaite program, and you'll get 7.5% commission on any customers they refer.

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